Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy is a “talking therapy” which aims to help people with psychological disturbance and illness understand and change complex and often deep rooted emotional and relationship difficulties.  Additionally, this process is helpful for individuals experiencing underlying feelings of sadness or unfulfilled potential.  This model of psychotherapy is derived from analytical psychology and psychoanalysis and is an accredited treatment offered privately and in the NHS  by registered psychoanalytic psychotherapists and psychoanalysts.

What happens first

At a first session or sessions lasting 75 to 90 minutes, the person seeking help explores with the therapist the nature of the difficulties experienced and whether psychoanalytic psychotherapy might be an appropriate and useful intervention. Thereafter sessions last 50 minutes and will be offered on a regular basis either weekly or more intensively.

The person coming for help is encouraged to use the session for reflection on his/her present and past experiences, bringing thoughts, feelings, memories or dreams. Using psychoanalytic theory, the psychotherapist works through interpretation to understand feelings and behaviour so that the individual finds new insights to sustain him or herself.  Psychotherapy is normally a longer term intervention allowing for significant resolution of difficulties to occur.

Short term Intensive  work

This is a 3 session intervention, totalling 4 hours, aiming to help the person explore the nature of his/her difficulties,  focussing on a particular area and working on this over the course of a weekend.  Sessions normally Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday mornings, dates by arrangement.

Fees for psychotherapy

Assessment £70
Once weekly sessions:  £55
Students: fees negotiable
Intensive weekends: fees on application

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