Psychodynamic Counselling

Counselling is a confidential relationship between a client(s) and counsellor, in which areas of personal difficulty and concern may be explored, worked with and resolved.

At a first session lasting from 75 to 90 minutes, the person seeking help explores with the therapist the nature of the difficulties experienced and whether counselling might be an appropriate and useful intervention. Thereafter sessions last 50 minutes and will be offered on a regular basis either weekly or to suit.

The counselling offered is based on psychodynamic theory: using connections between a person’s  experiences; the significance of their past in relation with the present and the therapeutic relationship between person and counsellor. Counselling may take place once weekly over a few sessions in a focused way, but usually is longer term.

For problems arising at work a brief contact of up to six sessions may be appropriate where issues of stress or the management of change can be focussed upon.

Fees for counselling 

ASSESSMENT:  £65 – (75-90 minutes)
SESSIONS:        £55 (50 minutes)




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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and Counsellor



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